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  • What do we do at ArtVo? At ArtVo, unlike most traditional galleries, we encourage our visitors to interact with our beautiful artwork. Patrons are free to touch and pose with the artwork. Of course however, we ask that everyone be respectful of the artwork and avoid interactions that may cause damage to the paintings.
  • What to expect for your visit? Upon arrival, the ArtVo staff will provide a quick introduction to all groups to explain the concept of the artwork and provide instructions on the best way to take photos. This process usually takes around 3-5 minutes. With larger groups, they may be split up into smaller groups of 20-30 participants as to avoid congestion in the gallery. Time taken to have all participants inside the gallery will vary depending on the group size. After the initial introduction, the rest of the visit is self guided, however there will be staff inside the gallery to provide assistance. We would recommend allowing 1-2 hours for your visit, depending on the size of your group.
  • ArtVo Learning Resource As part of our schools program, we have a free learning resource available for teachers to download. The learning resource includes different activities for different learning outcomes and ages, designed in accordance with the VCAA curriculum. This resource is provided for use at the supervising teacher/organisation's discretion, and the responsibility to facilitate any activities rests with the supervising teacher/organisation.
  • Preparing for your visit Group leaders/teachers can arrange a time to visit us in advance for planing purposes, free of charge. Please contact us at [email protected] to do so. Please also ensure students are equipped with their own or school supplied smartphones/cameras and any other materials required as these are not supplied by ArtVo.

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