The Herald Sun does Artvo Melbourne!

In exciting ArtVo news, the Herald Sun published an article on Friday 15th July about the ArtVo experience. Reporter Genevieve Allison described ArtVo, Australia’s first 3D interactive art installation, as a ‘visual playground’ with artwork painted directly on the walls and floors.

Spotlight on ArtVo Melbourne’s artists

The 1950 square meters of immersive art that is ArtVo was only possible thanks to the combined efforts of 14 Korean artists, with a total of 40 years experience between them. These artists worked for over 480 hours, using more than 500 litres of paint between them to bring our Harbour Town experience to fruition.

Immersive art experiences overseas

While proud to be the first immersive art gallery in the Southern Hemisphere, ArtVo has been inspired greatly by its overseas predecessors. There are currently 9 (CHECK) other ‘trick-eye’ galleries operating globally, all experiencing great levels of popularity and success.